31.08.2023 „Flow“ Performance by Abelha Supersónica @ Museum für angewandte Kunst/ Frankfurt am Main, DE

„Flow“ is an interactive soundmovement-performance of Abelha Supersónica that presents her vision of musical performance that happens in flow of movement.

As a part of Daniel Theiler´s installation FUNARAL @ Museum für angewandte Kunst, Frankfurt am Main, she explorates a social field in a new way a used the transformation processes of technic, body, sound and movement and makes their flows visible for the audience.

In doing so, it challenges a conscious irritation that wants to stimulate new impulses in the context of space, technology and body.

Abelha Supersónica with „Flow“/ Frankfurt, DE

31.05. – 03.06.2023 Festival Mondo (Portugal):

Workshop for soundcreation & movement

KlangStimme In Bewegung – Som É Movimento

by Abelha Supersónica @ Festival popolomondo – Portugal 31th may – 3th june 2023

Thanks so much for all the great association, artists and participants – it was great to work with you!

A very special thank to my group – you was absolutely awesome and it was such a big pleasure for me to work with you for 4 days in the field „Sound & Movement“ with a special final presentation – MUITO OBRIGADA!!!

First day we made sound work – the group created different kinds of sound by themselves with body percussion and with environmental materials. We have recorded them with a field recorder and on sound modules for the sound tree.

Second day was the moving day – with different kinds of methods the horizon for different ways of movement was opened and the sensitivity to it has been expanded.

Third day was the preparation for the spectacle – we brought together the experiences of sound and movement, created an own short song and practiced all with the soundtree for the Finalshow.

Fourth day was the day of the spectacle/ the final show – dress rehearsal with all the technic on stage & final presentation.

Final presentation 3.6.2023 – view