The video documentation is the result of the research and the answer of the following question:

In which way the Kulturgate can enable cultural & social exchange?

The Kulturgate is an urban common project that was founded by Ute Jaroß in 2012.
A red container is used to store materials and shows visitors the way to a platform for active leisure, culture and art @ the Tempelhofer Feld in Berlin.
In cooperation with volunteer partners the visitors can participate on regular offers and irregular specials. Everything is done on a voluntary basis
The diverse socio-cultural potential of this place aroused my curiosity and brought me to my research question:

In which way the kulturgate can enable cultural & social exchange? 

Using artistic and ethnographic methods, it was possible to capture how the Kulturgate appropriation of the social space and promotes participation.
My research has shown that Kulturgate is a place of exchange.
The different offers encourage visitors to participate and promote social exchange in a special way.