Som é movimento/ KlangStimme in Bewegung @ Festival popolomondo – Portugal 31th may – 3th june 2023

Thanks so much for all the great association, artists and participants – it was great to work with you!

A very special thank to my group – you was absolutely awesome and it was such a big pleasure for me to work with you for 4 days in the field „Sound & Movement“ with a special final presentation – MUITO OBRIGADA!!!

First day we made sound work – the group created different kinds of sound by themselves with body percussion and with environmental materials. We have recorded them with a field recorder and on sound modules for the sound tree.

Second day was the moving day – with different kinds of methods the horizon for different ways of movement was opened and the sensitivity to it has been expanded.

Third day was the preparation for the spectacle – we brought together the experiences of sound and movement, created an own short song and practiced all with the soundtree for the Finalshow.

Fourth day was the day of the spectacle/ the final show – dress rehearsal with all the technic on stage & final presentation.

Final presentation 3.6.2023 – view


Abelha Supersónica é uma artista intermediária, que tem como foco tornar possível diferentes experiências em diversos níveis de expressão criativa. Depois de ter trabalhado no campo musical durante muito tempo, actualmente o foco tem sido as áreas de cross-media e performativa. Em particular, o foco é a colaboração com diferentes grupos-alvo dentro do trabalho de projectos sócio-artísticos.

OFICINA e ESPECTÁCULO: „KlangStimme in Bewegung“ – “ Som Voz em movimento“

A oficina combina criação sonora e movimento numa forma social interactiva de participação.

A motivação para a apresentação de uma performance curta é mostrar as possibilidades técnicas de expressão criativa individual. A ideia é mostrar uma forma interativa e tátil de produção sonora que abre possibilidades criativas de expressão de forma especial e as torna visíveis para todos.

soundART & hunting in the city

9./ 10. of July 2022

soundART with the artist Florian Tuercke:

The master class „performative arts in social fields“ on the way for hunting urban sounds in Frankfurt am Main.

Intermediality with urban sounds & their effects translated in words:

SOUNDhunting in the city jungle

soundart workshop with the artist Florian Tuercke: the master class „performative arts in social fields“ on the way for hunting urban sounds in Frankfurt am Main.

After selecting places in east of Frankfurt the class checked the sound level, recorded the sounds there and fixed them on a map with their noise character and sound level. The map shows an image of city sounds and the noise level there.

For the exhibition „Open Atelier“ @ 15./ 16./ 17. of July 2022 they implemented their experiences and results in an art installation and recorded them for the visitors. Through the intermediate connection using a visual projection and the texts, the city sounds and the impact levels are made visible to everyone.